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Tuesday, December 06, 2022



There is a leak coming from the unit above you or beside you

Call up to the unit, tell them about the problem and ask them to get a plumber out to repair same

The next working day contact Cuala's office provide them with details of the incident - you may be entitled to claim off the block policy insurance if there is considerable damage 

If there is no one in the unit contact Cuala Property Management who may have contact details for the home owner and will be able to contact them on your behalf

If there is a leak in your unit i.e. your water tank has burst, a washer is worn on a water pipe causing it to leak, your washing machine or bath or shower is leaking  etc.

Phone a plumbing contractor immediately and get them to fix the problem. You are responsible for this repair work as the problem is inside your unit

If the leak has caused damage to your unit, the unit beside you or downstairs from you, you may be entitled to claim off the block insurance policy. Phone Cuala Property Management’s office with details of the incident.

Your toilet is blocked

Phone a plumbing contractor.

You have a problem with the electrics in your apartment

Phone an electrical contractor.

Noise disturbance

If there is excessive noise or disturbance from a property try to speak to the occupants of the property and ask them to keep the noise down. Keep a note of the date and time.

If they continue to ignore your request contact the Gardai.

Notify Cuala Property Management and ask them to contact the owner and tenant (where applicable).

Domestic disturbance

Ring the Gardai immediately.

Missing front door key and/or your post box key?

These are the sole property of each unit owner. We do not hold duplicate keys. You will need to contact a locksmith if you lose either of these.

Burglar alarms

Burglar alarms are the sole responsibility of the unit owner.  However, if a burglar alarm activates, advise Cuala Property Management, who may have contact details for the owner, and could assist in contacting them.

PLEASE NOTE: If the problem is not an emergency then call Cuala Property Management during office hours


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