The Financial and Statutory duties of a Management Agent ensures that the Management Company is compliant in all its obligations to the members, the Companies Office and the Revenue Commissioners.  


  • Detailed financial reporting to the Management Company, as required, on all Income and Expenditure, debtors, creditors and bank accounts
  • Maintenance of the Management Company’s accounts and settlement of the day to day expenditure to include payment of all contractors and receipting all service charge payments
  • Preparation of budget to include three quotes from each service provider. Review of budget with Directors
  • Issuing of service charge demands and collection of same
  • Application of interest to outstanding accounts and follow up on legal action required to recover same
  • Liaising with Auditors on completion of audited accounts and Companies Registration Office compliance
  • Dealing with Revenue Commissioner on Corporation Tax issues
  •  PAYE/PRSI for employees and completion of returns for Revenue Commissioners



  • Accepting responsibility in co-operation with the Secretary of the Management Company for preparation of the ‘Statement of Accounts’ and the Agendas for the Management Company AGM's and EGM's
  • Attendance at all AGM's and EGM's and chairing of same, if required
  • Keeping minutes of AGM’s, EGM’s and circulating these to all members once they have been approved by the Board of Directors
  • Quarterly meetings with the Board of Directors/Committee
  • Keeping minutes of quarterly Board of Directors meetings and circulating same to all Board Members/Members