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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Management Companies may, from time to time, require additional services which would not usually come under the remit of a Management Agent but which can be accommodated. These include:

  • Attendance of unscheduled Board/ Committee meetings
  • Initiating, conducting, preparing evidence for and attending hearings for and otherwise dealing with any disputes relating to party walls, planning applications within the Premises or adjoining or adjacent to the Premises, insurance claims, latent defects in construction, service charge disputes, noise disturbances or any other issues not relative to The Agent’s standard duties of appointment
  • Responding to Requisitions on Management Company in re-sales, where such fee is normally recoverable from the solicitor acting for the Vendor
  • Project Managing major renewals, refurbishment and new works, and dealing with Professional and Technical advisers in connection with same
  • Health and Safety Statements, annual Health and Safety reports
  • Dealing with Local Authority and adjoining property owners (including Planning Appeals)
  • Dealing with and advising The Client upon application for assignment of tenancies or leases, sub-lettings, alterations and changes of use
  • Dealing with any Title issues that may arise in relation to Rights of Way or Conveyances past or present
  • Dealing with revenue Commissioners re: Management Company employees
  • Recruitment of Management and Company employees (janitors/caretakers etc)
  • Annual Returns of forms 46G and CT1 to Revenue Commissioners
  • Legal and Archive Documents storage
  • Advising on alterations to Management and Service Charge structures
  • Providing Company Secretarial  Service
  • Postage and stationery for circulars such as: Notice of AGM/EGM, Newsletters, Accounts etc.

* Subject to separate charge


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